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Rick Couronne

On behalf of the Privest team, and the advisor community we work with, welcome to Privest Wealth Management.

As President and CEO of Privest Wealth Management, I have the pleasure of leading a team of professionals who work hard every day to find investments that help our clients reach their financial goals. Privest offers a variety of different products and services in the Exempt Market, with a specific focus on client success. Our team vets each investment opportunity carefully, using the knowledge and experience of our in-house team as well as reaching out to independent reviewers, in order to fully understand the product and how it might fit into your investment portfolio.

Our primary goal is to create relationships with clients and advisors that are based on mutual trust and respect, and in doing so, build our reputation in the industry. While some Exempt Market dealers are focused solely on their dealerships’ sales and dealing representative figures, at Privest, we take a more mature, client-centric view. For us to be successful, we need to ensure that we are selling the right products to the right clients at the right time. Since each investor is unique, we focus on understanding your needs as an investor first, then matching your specific investor profile to products we have on our shelf. If we can’t find a product that fits you, we won’t try to sell you anything. If we think a product’s fundamentals are wrong, we won’t represent it. At the heart of all of those decisions is our belief that trust is earned, through our actions more than our words.

Please enjoy browsing our site and educating yourself about the Exempt Market/Private Capital market, our approach and our people. More than anything else, we hope to get to know you and your investing needs, so that we can build a relationship (and financial success) together.

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Rick Couronne
President and CEO
Privest Wealth Management



Wealth management

is not a math equation or game.

Each investor represents a unique combination of existing assets, future financial goals, responsibilities and tolerances for risk, all existing within a moving and evolving window of time.  At Privest, we understand this complex reality, and understand that only a trusted partner deserves to help you navigate through that complexity to financial success.



In order to see beyond the numbers and metrics, relationships are key. Trust in an issuer’s investment offering is more than financials. The right investment for a client is more than rates of return and sector exposure.

Genuine relationships drive trust, which provides a superior level of comfort and opportunity for all parties, not only for the investor, but knowing each and every individual involved in an investment.


Knowledge is gaining and retaining information. Understanding is more than just obtaining information – it is the ability to apply that information to make quality decisions and recommendations in a wide range of situations.

Deeper understanding comes not just from the technical or quantitative skills, but understanding the industry at a fundamental level and the opportunities it brings.


The people of Privest are required, like all wealth management companies, to have certain skills and certifications, often by law or regulation. At Privest, we understand that performance is driven not just by the necessary skills but by the life experiences that help create wisdom.

Our people are well-rounded, in terms of education, life and work experience, both inside and outside the industry.